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【 Enjoy your own apples 】

One of the daily sources of unsustainability is comparison. New Year’s is often a time of much hope, but it’s also a time with a lot of pressure where we see our insufficiencies. When we notice what we lack, we naturally turn to what others have. And jealousy and anxiety start bubbling up, which drains our energy and motivation. But things are always relative, and comparing doesn’t change a thing for where you are and what you should do. When we fall into comparison, the answer is often to ground down, find presence, see where you are, and enjoy your own apples. 🍎🍏
2021, the second year into the covid era. Still full of darkness and light. Slow and fast. But one thing remains constant: time passing and you in it. To whoever that’s reading, thank you for growing with us. We wish you a happy new year, and may you find presence each day. ♥️

- Sean and Eshin
【 The Thing About December 】

December has always been a significant time for me. But it has not really been the same this year. I had a lot to think about. Why has December become so anxious when it used to be fun? Why does December bring so much disappointment when it’s supposed to be a festive period? Why do we always wait until December to get together? Why do I stare at my parents so much recently? And what do all these feelings and emotions mean? December, and by and large, 2021, is coming to an end. Many things have changed, and many things are still the same. How was your December? 😇
Merry Christmas! 🎄

Here’s to the little things and a positive attitude during hardships in life.
【 It’s still you 】

Sometimes, and mostly unconscious, I’d find myself correcting my loved ones for their mistakes. “Sit straighter,” “Why are you so lazy,” “Don’t judge people so quickly.” But after a while, I’ll almost always realize that they are nothing but distractions from my own problems. An easy way out to create some sense of control over my life. It’s something like: if my loved ones improve themselves, then my life will be less chaotic, and maybe then I don’t need to do so much. But it never works that way because the real problem – my problems – will still be there. Sometimes, I need to remind myself to focus on what I can do, rather than just sit there, point fingers, and secretly feel sorry that things are not getting better. It’s harder to do, but it’s almost always more necessary.
【 The Anomaly 】

I’ve always been called a weirdo for as far as I could remember. But for some reason, that never really bothered me. I think one idea that I’ve always latched onto is that although we are all humans, we are all different and unique. And that means I’m not the only anomaly around. In some sense, we are all anomalies in our own ways. And that’s totally cool. Everyone should learn to find comfort and be proud of their uniqueness because that’s what makes us who we are. But one thing I learned over the years is that it’s never cool when being yourself means selling yourself short or forgetting that you should always be ready to change and improve. There’s always the balance between finding your path and having the self-awareness to become a better human being, and I think that’s something we should all strive for.
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