Our Story

Hi! We are Kitarr, and we are just like you, regular people trying to start our story of change through sustainability. 

We understand that starting something new, making a positive change, and doing more for others is often inconvenient, takes time, and not a priority for us. We understand that starting a change can be lonely and weird, especially if you are doing it alone. And we understand that starting something new is always intimidating and we don't necessarily have the confidence and knowledge to succeed.

However, if we don't start somewhere, we will always be afraid and waiting for someone else to make change happen. We will miss out on opportunities to lead, inspire, and become positive-change makers. And we will lose out on meaningful connections with ourselves, others, and our environments. 

Kitarr is here to help.

We are a community of young people, focusing on casual, fun vibes for our events and space, and we offer guidance on sustainability to help you make inspirational changes.

Our focus is to give you a platform to learn, experience, and connect with others and give you the confidence to make change happen and make the world a better place through sustainability. 

We welcome you to:

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🌿 Host a sustainability talk/sharing session with your team.

🌿 Use our guides and resources

We hope to let you know that you can do it, and you have the power to change, inspire, and triumph despite the fear, hardships, and uncertainty that surround us. Your actions matter and you can create meaning and value for yourself, others, and our environments. You are never alone. 


We'd like to hear from you!

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