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Balcony Concerts during COVID-19
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I can make a long list about the quantifiable effect Kitarr has made in my life. But the most valuable thing I learned from Kitarr is to live genuinely and kindly. I try to pick up trash on the road when I see one. I smile at people when I go on a jog. I hug my friends and tell them how much I love them. I started being a vegetarian. I look at my mum and see nothing but gratitude. I don’t know how to quantify these changes but they are real to me. I am more than certain I wouldn’t learn about them if it’s not through the interaction I had with Kitarr. Or more accurately, I wouldn’t think they are worth learning and practicing. The cherry on top of this is the easiness for anyone to be involved. I can just ask my friends to join in and experience it for themselves. The barrier of change is so low that it only requires conversation. That’s the true beauty of it.

Tan Pei Jing, 20, University of British Columbia

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